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Hi John,
Thanks for updating the contact information on the Sam L. Morse website, definitely an improvement. If possible, please consider adding relevant photographs to pages which only contain text information, it helps break up the page and hold the readers interest.
I own Bay Marine Diesel and work in the boating industry repairing, what else, boat diesels; we also own BCC Shamrock, as boats go, our BCC has been a life long dream. If it wasn't for the used boat market and a good friend, we would still be standing on the dock looking at someone else's BCC.
People in general do not like change. My wife in particular, will have to be dragged kicking and screaming to do something new, once I get her involved, she say,"this is great, I love it, why didn't we do this before." It's just about then that I want to kill her.....
 Boaters in general are a independent segment of society; BCC owners are a unique subset within the boating world. I have never meet a BCC owner who considered it just a boat, many BCC owners are fiercely independent sailors, proud, loyal and protective of the mystique surrounding the BCC.  BCC owners are also some of the most interesting people you will meet, from carpenters to CEO's, always willing to lend a hand and share new ideas. 
Ok, in all fairness, there was this one owner I met at the yard, who asked me what hull number I owned and I said, I didn't know, she promply stuck her nose up into the air; odd behaivour I thought coming from a woman dressed in coverhauls covered with bottom paint.  I only owned Shamrock for a week, if I knew she was going to put my hull number on the test, I would have studied harder. #:) It's 92 and I have the sails to prove it.
To many, the BCC is reminiscent of a simpler time when, boats were built to last,  quality was the first priority, craftsmanship really meant something, you got what you paid for, repairability was the only option, sailing was for the pure joy of it and when the sea turned nasty, not getting home was never an option.
Sam L. Morse and the BCC has slowly evolved, keeping its options open to interpretation of the basic design and to suggestions of BCC owners and sailors; the initial basic hull and deck kit boat has evolved into a complete custom pocket cruiser, at the same time preserving the essence of Lyle Hess's classic design concept.
As a group, we need to keep our options open. Technology is evolving daily, the new Sam L. Morse website may be the next evolution in increasing communication between all BCC owner, brokers and prospective owners of new and pre-owned boats.  
Best Wishes to all.
Marty Chin

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