Sam Morris vs Nor'Sea FCs

Dear Colleagues: After owning Sentient (BCC hull #63) which I keep in the Northwest I have purchased one of the FCs that was recently posted on the FC site. It has a hull number that appears to indicate a Sam Morris origin but it has a Nor’Sea fuse panel. Todd Uecker at Cape George cutter has kindly discussed the boat with me but apparently has no information re: hull number 7. While there is some information in one of the threads I found in the archive it would be helpful to know more about the history of the early FCs and their distinquishing features, if any. Is it possible that Sam Morris acquired one or more of the Nor’Sea FCs and branded them as Sam Morris boats? I presume he must have acquired the molds from Nor’Sea. If this is the case I wonder if he acquired the fuse panel, etc. and decided to use it in hull # 7, possibly applying a Sam Morris logo over the panel which over the years came off. Further, I would encourage all of us to post more interior photos of FCs. This would guide me as I work on the boat.

Any other information re: this subject would be appreciated. Plan to bring the boat to San Diego next month. If you are headed this way I will be pleased to show it to you and take you out if the wind is up.


Richard Smith/Sentient

I see in the Falmouth Cutter Newsletters (the second one titled NEWSLETTER ONE, JUNE 1, 1981) that both Nor’sea #7 and Sam Morse #7 were kit boats finished by the owners. I quote:
“John Ramos, owner of Nor?Sea 22 hull 7 kit, 3850 S. Harbor
Blvd., Oxnard, Ca. 93030. John has completed his boat and has
already left on a two year cruise for points south…” and “Lewis Lions, owner Falmouth hull 7 kit, 5473 Malvern Wy.,Riverside, Ca. Lewis has the bulkheads, sole, engine, and rudder on…”

I agree Richard that it would be nice to see the interiors of more Falmouth Cutters.


Colleagues: re: my earlier post: mystery solved. After reading the newsletters in the archive came across mention of the original owner of FC hull #7 which, as mentioned has a hull number that indicates a Sam Morris origin but is equipped with a Nor’Sea fuse panel. The original owner, Lewis Lyons, is in his 80s and still sailing!!! He purchased a kit boat that came with the decks and cabin. When he started wiring the boat Sam sold him the Nor’Sea panel which he presumably acquired when he purchased the molds from Nor’Sea. According to Lewis, Sam was pleased with the result of his build out and requested photos of the finished boat which he subsequently used in his presentations to prospects.

All of the above is second hand information but I presume it is accurate. As for the other Sam Morris hull # 7 which Roger Olsen mentioned, I have no further information. But I note, reading all the newsletters, that both Anne Marie and Hay Chihuahua are referenced as hull # 7s. Both were made by Nor"Sea. Perhaps Roger was referring to these vessels (Roger-if you happen to read this you may be able to set the record straignt).

Welcome further comment but believe the mysterious Nor’Sea panel on a Sam Morris FC is now accounted for. If any of your FCs have Nor’Sea gear aboard let us know since it does provide insight into the early days at Sam Morris and the frugal nature of Sam who obviously did not want to waste a good panel, just because it was branded with another company’s corporate logo

Richard Smith/Sentient