Satori is moving

After 11 years in the Pacific Northwest I’m moving Satori hull 94 to Seabrook Texas, if there are any BCC’s in the area would love to link up and get some local knowledge of the area. Will be prepping for the Bahamas and Keys. Also looking for a marina to call home while getting ready to take off. At least I’m done with crossing the Columbia Bar!! You can drop me a line at thanks–Pat

Hello Pat,
Just sent you short email. Nerus is in the area also. Watergate, Southshore Harbor and Seabrook Shipyard are all good Marina’s

David Kent

Hi Pat,
Portofino is also a good marina. That is where Nereus is docked. Hope to see you soon. Rose should be in the water by the time you get here, right, David?

Nereus hull #111

Thanks for the comeback “Nereus”-- I’m excited about linking up with you and David. Satori is just coming off a month in the yard—new roller fueler new cap shrouds and backstay and lifelines and painting the mast. Was changing out the cutless bearing as well and found a second cutless bearing in the shaft log, what a nightmare. Some one could not get the old one out so just banged it up the shaft log and put the new one in. No way to get it out without cutting the hull apart, so I spent hours making a special tool to grind out all the rubber so the shaft would run free of the old bearing. I learned my lesson, always be on site if you let someone work on the boat, but at the time I was trading my life for the dollar, but no more— time to sail!!

Looking forward to checking out your boat, seeing what else I need to do— thanks for the info on marinas. Hope to link up soon-- take care pat

Nereus hull #111— Hi Patrick-- this is pat now at Watergate Marina on Satori hull #94-- Its the weekend after Thanksgiving and I was wondering if there is any chance to take a look at Nereus sometime in the coming week-- I’m sure I would get some ideas on how to improve Satori. So if you are going to be down to the boat any time that week, if its convenient give me a ring 509-540-9218, if not maybe I can catch you later-- Thanks Pat.

Hi Pat,
Check your private msgs.