schattauer sail loft

i am sending the original sail plan to schattauer for a price quote on new sails. i know them by reputation only. any comments from any of you that have done business with these folks or carry their sails would be appreciated. also, some feedback on battenless/battened main would be helpful.

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.
best regards,
jo anne ross
fc 26-7

Jo Anne,
I put on full batten main on Angelsea and after 16 years of sailing her it added almost a full knot to her top speed. Would highly recommend one over battenless. and with lazy jacks its so easy to handle.

Jo Anne -

I have no experience with Schattauer, nor do I know anyone who has. They are in Seattle, as I am, and I will ask folks for some anecdotal inputs. Seems like most of the locals go to North Sails for their work.

However, if you look on the Schattauer site (, you will see that one of their “memorable projects” is a FC named “Able.” When I did a search on that combination, I got Kaj Jakobsen’s site

(select “Building a 34ft Lyle Hess cutter”), where he includes a photo of a 24-ft FC that he may have built or have done some wood work. He is in Victoria BC, and Able is in Port Townsend, WA. Perhaps he would be able to comment on the work that Schattauer did for Able or recommend someone who can. His email is, and additional info on Kaj is at

Blogger: User Profile: Kaj Jakobsen.

Good luck with your research, and let me know if they are “the place to go.” I will be needing some canvas work soon.

-Tom Frenock

My FC #9, Mariko, came with a set Schattauer sails. By chance I happened upon their loft while touristing with friends in Seattle. The fellow I talked to seemed really nice and gave me a free hat but he could not seem to dig up when my sails were made. They have their logo stamped on the sails and the sail bags so they look authentic. They look really well made and sturdy for some serious cruising in mind but I am far from an expert and shouldn’t really give my opinion. Just know they have made FC sails at some point in the past. I’m still trying to find previous owners to get an idea of how long ago items were installed, ie. sails, standing rigging, etc.