Sea Star Update

As most of you already know, Sea Star sank at the Galveston Yacht Basin when Ike came through. She was insured through Boat US. They found her just outside the bulkhead stern down in about 16 feet of water and picked her up with a crane barge.
After Boat US declared her a total loss I bought the wreck and purchased an option on hull 109 in Wisconsin with the idea of building a new BCC using Sea Star parts. I am forced to abandon the project. However, the project may still be a viable one for someone with the right skill set and the time to execute a salvage or restoration plan. She might prove to be a good parts boat or even a restoration project. The hull to deck connection did not fail and the main bulkheads are intact. The hull damage appears to be confined to fiberglass damage, primarily on the starboard side.
I am offering the boat for sale on a where is, as is basis at the US Auction yard in San Leon, TX. If anyone is interested I am happy to respond to inquiries, provide photos or host an inspection. If not I will sell her to the local scrapper January 15.
David W. Kent
Sea Star 1987 Hull 76

Please give me a call at 281-414-2188.

Doug Beu
s/v Fritha


I am sorry to read about the loss of Sea Star. I am building hull #29 and am interested in talking to you if Sea Star is available. I looked at the photos of her many times for reference. She had many details I want to include in my boat
Your boat has many of the parts I will be purchasing soon. Perhaps some of the pieces can sail again.

Eric Pomber


Thanks Eric,
Before I put Sea Star up for sale I have decided to invest in a thorough damage survey. Next week I will move her to a yard where I can clean her up, remove the interior and closely inspect hull damage. If I can convince myself that the repair/rebuild number will not get much past $150 k (mas o menos), I will make repairs with a summer of 2010 launch date in mind.

I have had a fiber glass expert look at her and based on his preliminary inspection (and probably my own wishful thinking) I am beginning to think that she is not mortally wounded??ugly but still alive.

I will keep you posted and in the interim, let me know if I can provide info/measurements that may assist with your hull 29 refurb.

David Kent


Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I hope that you can save her. I may contact you about various details as I move along. I wish my project was a refurb but it is a new build from a bare hull SML #29 that sat in a barn for 25 years. This forum is a wealth of information for someone in the middle of project like mine. Our hope is for a late 09 launch.


In September Ike stole my boat. Yesterday I stole it back
sea Star Hull 76

In September Ike stole my boat. Yesterday I stole it back.