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morning all,

i am refinishing the hatches. i removed the lexan inserts. they were held in place with a “sometimes gooey” black sealant of some sort. i was wondering if you know a product for removing the “goo” that does not carry the caveat “check a small unimportant area to make sure there are no adverse effects” before using freely?


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jo anne ross
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Jo Anne,

Is the goo stuck to the lexan or to the wood? If wood, Naptha, Turpentine or Acetone would be my first suggestion. Don’t use Acetone or Turp on Lexan though as it will fog the surface and degrade the plastic.

Olive oil or “goo-be-gone” has a good chance of working on the lexan. This “goo” sounds like dolphinite.


Dolphinite is a brown color not black.

My guess it’s a Buna-N rubber caulking compound. Goof-off will probably soften the compound enough to remove it Note: Goof-off contains toluene and xylene. These compounds are classified as carcinogens. Wear appropriate gloves and work in a well ventilated area.


Jo Anne
If the goo is on the lexan and if you can get the pieces into a freezer. Once hardened the stuff can be removed easily with a putty knife.
Bob & Lois

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it actually looks more like the black used with teak flooring. in any case, i’m putting away my popsicle sticks(my tool of choice for this job) and heading for the freezer. and while i’m there i just might jump in myself, it’s been in the 90’s here all day.

jo anne ross
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falmouth cutter 26-7