Seeking a Falmouth Cutter 22, to sail the Salish Sea

I’m looking to buy a well-kept FC 22, and bring her to the Pacific Northwest for coastal cruising.

Twenty-five years ago, full of admiration for Lyle Hess designs, I drove up from Sausalito, CA, where I worked, to Port Townsend, WA, to see an FC 22 that was for sale. But I went home without her. I planned to be a full-time liveaboard and felt she was too small for that (I bought a Westsail 32 instead, and lived aboard for almost a decade). Still, I tucked the memory of that sweet FC, and of salty Port Townsend, in my heart all these years.

Now, recently retired and happily relocated in Port Townsend (and living shore-side), I am hoping to buy an FC to cruise the San Juan and Gulf Islands. Now, an FC would be my perfect boat – a capable and comfortable little yacht that can go anywhere, and that I can easily singlehand. Now I just need to find her.

Thanks for any and all leads,