Hi from Aloha. That was my maiden “sail”. At least I got all the sails
up for a while. Nice to meet you. Kate

That was my maiden “sail”. Nice to meet you. Kate


Congrats on your maiden sail and thanks for the message so quickly.
You certainly picked a hot, hazy, humid day for a sail! I intended to
go out as well but when my friends invited me water skiing I couldn’t
resist. I spied Aloha when we rounded the Spider Bouy out at the
harbor entrance. I recognized her immediately as a BCC. Her
brightwork is beautiful as well as her tanbarks.

I have sailed the bay for many years and I still have hundreds of
places to visit. I believe that if you can sail well on the
Chesapeake, you can sail well nearly anywhere in the world.

Good luck to you, see you soon.