"Shamrock" hull #92 for sale by owner

Shamrock a 1990 Sam L. Morse factory built and finished boat with stock interior hull #92 is up for sale. We are in the final process of completing a through refit, only varnish remains to be completed and is in progress. There some photos in the SLM group site available for viewing. We have attached as complete list of the refit as we can remember, when your in love, you tend to forget the multitude of thing you do for your boat and neglect to write down, the way of things. Shamrock is the finest example of art of sailing and craftmanship, simple, stout and enduring, she will take you anywhere you have the skill to sail her and bring you back home safely. Like all BCCs, she is the boat of dreams, of distant shores, white sandy beaches and palm trees, quiet lagoons.

We are offering Shamrock for sale at $150,000. We have attached a partial refit list and can send you a copy of the March 2005 survey. Just incase you ask, why are we selling her, we have two boats, darned if we have to keep the one we live on!
Please, serious inquires only. Please insure your have adequate financing ahead of time, we are not a brokerage, just two hard working people in love with our BCC, who regretfully must find a good home for her; Shamrock that is, my wife said she gets to stay, Ha!

Cheers to all,

Marty Chin