Shamrocks new scuttle hatch photos

Here are some photos of Shamrocks new scuttle hatch in the rough. Still a lot of sanding to do, eyebrows to be rounded over, TDS caulking, varnish and paint to go.

All construction is West Epoxy and teak over original mahogany frame, planks beded in epoxy, only 12 screws holding the eyebrows while the epoxy cured, screws serve no purpose once cured…

If the photos don’t show up in this email, I will add them to my photo album on the SLM site.

Marty Chin

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Scuttle hatch3.JPG


TDS is great seaming caulk. I am quite certain you know TDS is a sandable low modulus silicon compound. Silicon compounds will adhere to other compounds but other compounds, such as vanish and paint will not adhere to TDS.

The hatch looks great Marty, well done.


P.S. According to The American Heritage College dic-tion-ar-y, “sandable” is not a proper word. Hum, I used this “none-word” anyway.

Still a lot of sanding to do, eyebrows to be rounded over, TDS caulking, varnish and paint to go.

Your right nothing sticks to silly-con (silicon). We have been using TDS since it came on to the market, we use to buy the stuff by the case until they became part of the Gold Exchange system. It seems to work well, or better than most of the polysulfide compounds, like most products entering the market, TDS was a reasonably priced product as it emerged, however, they are pushing market ceilings these days as most US makers, mostly due to marginal products and cost have left the deck caulking market.

Unlike most silicon products, TDS acts like a polysulfide rather than a silicon product, cuts,sands and feels like most polysulfide deck caulk. Unlike polysulfide or polyerethane products, when you puncture the tube and later plug the nozzle with a screw or nail to store for later use, it does not cure through the entire tube.

There is one product we like more, that is Sikaflex 291DC,it is a polyurethane product unlike 3M 5200, cuts and sands like a polysulfide, Out lasts other caulks on the market. I last checked on Sikaflex and the 291DC (DC=Deck Caulk) is no longer available in the US, found a source in Canada, unfortunately, for comercial applications, with shipping the cost exceeds TDS, which is a good close second choice.

I called the Sikaflex factory and talked to the Sales and Marketing represenative concerning availability and why it is no longer on US shelves, they told me they failed to market it properly and that it had nothing to do with application or product durability. I suspect with the falling dollar vs. foreign currency we won’t see it back on US shelves any time soon, darn. It’s hard to find good goop when you need it.

We use Sikaflex 291, available in white, black, mahogany (used for mahogany or teak) as it sets up quickly and is easy to trim, nothing leaks with this stuff and unlike other polyurethane products, joined parts can be disassembled without distroying the parts.