Shipping your BCC by road

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Hi There. Several people have asked about shipping their BCC someplace nice
to explore new cruising grounds. It’s a lot cheaper than chartering! You get
to sail your own lovely boat in a great new place.

We think about someday shipping “Aloha” #95 out to Seattle to do the inland
passage and San Juans. Then maybe scoot to the Sea of Cortes. Hey you can
ship to Florida and go do the Bahamas and the Islands. Or go to Maine or the
Great Lakes.

Shipping BCCs is easy. We’ve shipped about 10 of them across the country
because inevitably the sellers are on one coast and the new owner is on the
other. (Why is that?) BCCs have a mind of our own and they are at home in
any ocean.

We’ve used several companies to do the transport. Most of the companies are
really agents and all of them reach into the same pool of drivers. I always
get three quotes because prices can vary greatly based on availability of
trucks and drivers as well as season. Here are a few of my top choices. I
like Andrews best. Ask for Glenn and tell him Kate at RogueWave sent you!

Andrews Trucking Co.
Glenn Stewart
800 231 0931
905 262-5335 Fax
905 262 4223
Mention Kate Christensen and RogueWave. Glenn is great to work with and they
often have the best price in North America. The shipped Paragon and a few
other boats.

Joule Yacht Transport Company
800 237-0727
This Joule Yacht Transport Company is highly recommended. They are based in
Florida. They provide online quotes quickly and prices on the East Coast are

A& B Marine Trucking Inc.
Dave Stokley
Local: 410-263-9073
Toll Free: 800-843-5265
Fax: 410-267-8602
Mention Bernie and Kate of RogueWave. They are reliable and good. Shipped
about four BCCs for us. Satori, Surprise, Surprise again, and one more.

Brownell Systems 7 Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 61, Mattapoisett, MA 02739
Tel: 508-758-3774 or 800-262-8428
Fax: 508-758-9762

Mention Bernie Jakits and RogueWave. They are especially good on the East
Coast routes.

CAN AM Marine Transit Ltd.
(800) 392-6660
Large carrier that can do just about anything you want.

Kate Christensen
RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, LLC.
1806 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis, MD 21401 USA
410 571-2955 Office
410 703-5008 Cell
801 681-9741 Fax