Spade Anchor


I have a like new #33 Spade anchor that I no longer have a use for and would like to sell. This anchor has been set exactly three times. The first time I used it was in Florida for 1 day. ( the day I bought it ) The second time I set it was in Bermuda for 5 days. The third and last time I used it was for 4 days in Martha’s Vineyard during a hurricane.

When I bought the anchor the only thing I didn’t like about it was the price. I paid just over $600 for it. I thought it was a great anchor but very much overpriced.

The last time I used it, during the hurricane, I changed my mind. For three days I watched other boats drag across the bay while my BCC never moved at all. While I don’t think the Spade is the only good anchor I truly believe it’s one of the best designs and very well made.

Since I no longer have a boat and will most likely not get another I’d like to sell the anchor for just under 1/2 of what I paid for it… $250 + shipping. Again, it’s like new. I thought I’d offer it here before I try elsewhere.

Thank you,