Spares for sale

I have a few items that are for sale.
Firstly a never used 80 amp alternator for yanmar 3ym as I replaced this with a high output alternator. It’s the standard alternator as supplied with the engine I believe it’s hitachi. Standard regulation as for new engine.
I also have a spare ample power fully marine 108 amp alternator for sale it also is unused value new of about 600 dollars and suitable for external regulation.
Lastly I have a silent wind, wind generator which was lightly used for a season before I put my freehand wind vane on. It also has the support posts that go with it and these are dampened for sound. There is also a controller for this. New value about 2 thousand dollars.

I recently moved over to a serpentine belt and the hardware to match for my alternators so I have no use for these items as the power situation is now under control.

So I am open to offers the items are in storage in Florida and I can send early Jan when I visit there.

My apologies I thought this was the equipment for sale segment.