Spartite Leveling

Hi all,

Got the rig tuned today, I eyeballed it, then checked it with guage, and came within 1 or 2 points off the LOOS guage settings put forth here by Bill and Tom.

Then I did the Spartite thing. I’ve never done it, but the boat had it before and it DIDNT come free, we had to hack it apart… what a royal PITA. So I did my best to lube it up and make sure everything was smoooooooth inside the partners.

I poured the blue goo, a little at a time and watched it level. But the issue I had/have is that its WAY higher on the aft side of the mast then the forward side… because the deck/boat slopes aft right there at the partners.

Other then stepping the mast and pouring the Spartite on the hard, where you have a chance of leveling the deck, how do people deal with that downward sloping deck? The Spartite pictures show a nice flat, level deck, which makes a uniform, perfect plug. I have a good half inch above the lip on the aft side, and a good 1/4" below the lip on the forward side.

A picture would help here, tomorrow…

Duck tape. When I did the pour I extended the mast flange about one inch higher with duck tape so I could over fill the cavity to a top off point with the low side even with the flange top and the high side contained by the duck tape. When the goo set I removed the tape and covered with a canvas mast boot.

Bob & Lois

BCC Jolie Brise

Ok, so you just accommodated for the aft slope by having a very high aft end. Works for me. I used tape too, but didn’t make it high enough in the back to get the front over the lip. Probably need to do another pour – poor me… literally.

Thanks for the info…

I got bloo goo all over the mast too! I’m such a slob sometimes. Mast boot should cover it, I hope :slight_smile:

Ahoy Bob and Lois , would you be able to explain more about your canvas mast boot, and how you did that ?

My Forespar , plastic mast boot , is just about seen all of it’s life, that it can , and I am looking for a solution to replace that “boot” , Thanks to anyone who can or will respond !

Douglas , BCC Calliste 072