Split Chain Locker

As I am thinking about this double bow roller installation I’m going to be doing soon… my thought wandered over to the second rode and its’ storage. I have 2 spill holes at my windlass, but in my sail locker there is only one hole for the chain to descend lower into the chain locker. I could simply drill another hole for the second rode, but…

Then what! Both chains would be in the same locker getting all intertwined like naked lovers on hot summers eve.

Has anyone built a chastity belt for their rodes and separated the two with a partition or other system?

PS. I have internet on the mooring now, thanks to a 15dbi omni antenna and a linksys router flashed with DD-WRT, which turns it into a receiver. The Modern Pirate plunders…

Ben, I used a piece of plywood in there to separate two rodes. I just screwed it to the inside of one of the bitts letting it extend forward and down. If you are limited by getting a full size piece into the area you might have to cut a door. This is a good idea anyway as it gives access into the area.


The Pardey’s separated their two anchor chains/rodes by hanging a “diaper” above their primary anchor chain. The triangular “diaper” has three or four attachment points, two on the bulkhead separating the anchor chain/rode locker from the V-berth and one or two forward on near the stem of the boat. I believe the “diaper” fabric is a vinyl impregnated cloth similar to what Grundens uses in their foul weather clothing.

On another note, if you want foul weather gear for “the hungry ocean” at a reasonable price, there is no better foul weather clothing than Grundens - http://www.grundens.com/. I purchased a set when I was working on tugboats.