Spotted: Tahara, a Hess 36

On the weekend just past (18-19 Sept 2010), Scarborough Marina hosted its annual Classic Boat Regatta.

The boat that came third on handicap was Tahara, a Hess 36 that had been built locally (in Mooloolaba, not far to the north) from red cedar strips with GRP laid over. That makes her light - Tahara displaces around 17,000 pounds in lightship condition. So Tahara in lightship is about the same displacement as Zygote in her usual liveaboard/cruising trim!

Tahara’s hull, at least what I saw above water, is much like a scaled up version of a BCC.

Her rig is more ‘modern’ and less Lyle C. Hess than the hull: high profile and with a shorter bowsprit than scale would suggest.

I was busy on the weekend (the crew had to leave on a business trip), so I didn’t get to talk to Tahara’s owner and crew.

Hi Bil , There has been other yacht builders , that built Hess Designs , in that Southern Contenient , especially , those of wooden boat builders .

Some in New Zealand , and some in Oz .

Seems that those builders in the southern latitudes are not so expressive of their work , as to display , their accomplishments , for us to see , Drats !

Never the less , they are down there , way down under , they do have much to say , but how to get them to open up , I don’t know !

We all appreciate that you were willing to share with us your photos of S/V Tahara , that you were fortunate enough to get , Good On You Mate !

You are a very important person and BCC Owner of our group , we sincerely hope that you can continue to contribute to our forum .

Very cool.

Never knew there was a 36’ design before, thought the 34’ was the largest.

Found another pic of Tahara, a Hess 36.

edit: This boat is for sale. After looking at the pics leaves me wondering who the designer was. It says hess, but this boat has a fin keel. Maybe a modification. Nice boat though.