Spray Hood

Looking for info about this spray hood – does anyone know how to contact Wayne Edny about it?


Nice to read about your new membership among BCC owners. Would be glad to answer any questions about the spray hood. I had it on our boat for about 5 years and one trip to southern California from San Francisco. Like most things it was a trade off. On the plus side, it could easily fold down, looked good in photos when down, and I was able to make it myself. On the negative side it did not offer the wind and spray protection of a full dodger. It did keep spray out of the boat, but not off of the people unless you were standing on the ladder.

I still have the stainless steel frame tucked away in my side yard and could provide pictures or even give it to you if you wanted to go that route. I pretty much copied a folding spray hood I saw on the forward hatch on a Swan. That and the Pardeys plastic tubing hood were the inspiration. The stainless tubing made it much more substantial than the plastic frame I saw in one of their videos. However, it does not provide anything like the no move grip that the hard top dodger with canvas sides that I presently have. Another plus for the dodge is the small awning that can be left up between the dodger and the boom gallows while underway.

Hope some of this helps. Be glad to add more if you need it.
BCC Odyssey


Thanks for the info. I agree on the lack of protection. I like a place to keep charts, binocs and stuff up there… Wonder about a larger folding style spray hood like this. I think Yves Gelinas had something akin to what I’m talking about on Jean Du Sud… he certainly rigged up something like that for his aft-dodger, which I think is a cool idea.

I need to redesign the dodger on Elizabeth - not a super high priority, I have many other more pressing issues to take care of, but you know… these things need time to simmer in ones head.