Starters for Sabb engines

I have been looking around for a starter for my Sabb 10 hp without any luck. I though there should be some adaptable car starter by apparently not.

I asked Bill Miller, the only Sabb dealer in the U.S. and he explained that the starter made for the engine turns the opposite way of othe starters and specifically made to spin that big 200 lb flywheel.

In any case he can order one for $756 plus shipping from Norway and have it in 2 to 3 weeks. I’m going to pass on one for now and be happy that I’m healthy eough as yet to still hand crank it though it is a little much lately for the Mate.

Thought I’d pass along what I found out about it in any case. If anyone doesn’t have it already, Bill’s email is and phone 352-589-2882.