sterling 2-part polyurethane

Does anyone happen to have any extra sterling 2-part paint in the “bcc” color? It was a special color batch Sterling produced a while back. Not sure if they still produce it.

I’d like to paint my Cherub dingy hull, and would like to use a matching color which holds up well.

Not sure if this helps but I use Hatteras white one part on my bowsprite and its a very close match. I can get you the coler number and info if your like.

Ahh, yes. I see that color for Interlux Brightside. Do you think 1-part would hold up for the bottom bottom of a dingy? I’d like to get something that will hold up as close as possible to the original gelcoat, since the dingy will be sliding over sand, grass, mud and all that other good shoreline stuff.

s/v Godspeed

I have used the one part and it is pretty tough, but also easy to touch up.
BCC Odyssey

I’ve been told by the folks at Fisheries Supply here in Seattle that Interlux enamel is a better choice than Interlux Brightsides for areas exposed to a lot of water. In my case I was painting the rudder cheeks. Both come in Hatteras Off-white. You could give Interlux a call.