Sterling Linear Polyurethane Paint (Cream)

I need to touch up my Bulwark and need to find out the item number for the Sterling Linear Polyurethane Paint (Cream Color) that was used by the Sam L. Morse Co., in or about 2000. Does anyone know?

Richard Graver
S/V Susie Q.


Have you considered telephoning Sterling Paints and ask them. They just might know.



Richard, Sorry I am so late responding to your request. I do not come up on the forum too often. I had this paint made especially for the BCC. I had Doug at Detco Marine Paints in Costa Mesa make this color to exactly match the gelcoat. This is a Sterling paint and he as the mixing color ratios. Unfortunately, I doubt if he will mix a small quantity. I used to order 5 gallons when I owned the SLM.

Oh, I forgot, you ask for BCC Ivory

Roger Olson


Thank you for the information. I call Doug next week.