Sterling Paint @ List Price

Sterling is selling the product at the list price, whereas most retailers sale below list.  Most companies do not want to deal with individuals.  Sterling is not the only manufacture of two-part polyurethane paints.  Further there are different two-part polyurethane and acrylic paints.  Some are harder than others and some are easier to apply than others.  As an example, US Paints manufactures four types of two-part paint - Awlgrip II, Awlgrip Awlcraft 2000 and Awlcraft.  The last two are acrylic based and are not as hard as the two-part linear polyurethane paints.  If you plan to paint the hull yourself with two-part polyurethane paints, read the MSDS before you do and take the necessary safety measures.  Two-part polyurethanes are systemic poisons and may cause skin reactions.
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Subject: Re: [bcc] paint matching BCC beige

At 05:02 PM 12/24/2001 +0000, you wrote:
>    My bulwarks are painted with a linear polyurethane paint that
>perfectly matches the BCC beige color.  It is needing some touch up.
>The paint is from Sterling and is apparently custom mixed just for the
>BCC and is not something they regularly have on hand.  While they did
>have 3 quarts in stock (I wonder about the shelf life of this
>stuff) when I called, they wanted $140/quart direct from them, or West
>Marine could special order it for a little over $100.
>    After a little searching, I discovered that Epifanes makes a LPU
>that seems a close match.  It is #803 Cream, and is readily available
>from Hamilton Marine in Portland and Searsport, Maine (1-800-639-2715)
>for $34.99 for 750 ml.  I just tried a little of it and it is not
>perfect, but pretty darn close.  I made up several extra little chips
>of the paint itself if anyone is interested in seeing how it looks.
>john churchill
>404 kings gate
>chesapeake, va 23320

         Sterling is sticking it in your ear..........Roger Olson was
quoted $200/gallon to match the midnight blue of my hull gelcoat with
custom mixed LP for my bulwarks.  I have a growing suspicion that they
dropped a standard color on the fellow who did my bulwarks as the LP and
gel are quite different in the sunlight.  I don't see a gallon price in the
West catalog over about $240.  One would think that once a color was
formulated, it's a simple process to pull the right nozzles and come up
with more.  Check with Sumio about getting it through him.

                                 Tom Harrer
                                 White Wings III