Stern Rail

Has anyone out there added a stern rail to their BCC? Can anyone recommend a fabricator?


Jon Lang

I had a stern rail custom fabricated by Pro-Tech Yacht Services in North Vancouver, Canada (604-988-3052). They did a great job at a cost of Cdn. $1,150 (approximately U.S. $820). I’m not sure if I have any pics of it, but could look if you’re interested.


Thanks Dioscouri…I’ll call them. Could you let me know what kind of measurements you gave them, what the rail tube specifications were, and what, if anything, you might do differently if you did it again?


Jon Lang

Hi Jon:

I prepared a general sketch of how I wanted the stern rail constructed. I
then brought the boat to Pro-Tech’s shop in North Vancouver where they built
the stern rail, sent it out to be electro-polished (?; I think that’s the
correct term); and then mounted it. It’s built of 1" tubing, but other than
that I do not have the specific measurements.

I will probably be bringing my boat over to Lynnwood Marina (that’s where
Pro-Tech is located) in the next month or so; therefore, if they need to
take measurements off it for your boat, they would be welcome to do so.

I’m very satisfied with the stern rail and would not do anything different.
I specified that it have an upper and lower horizontal rail, except for a 3’
section midship where there is only the lower rail so that I can easily
access the windvane. I also had them weld a short vertical rail on the port
side where I carry an outboard engine. Finally, I had them weld 2 vertical
rails on the aft starboard side, to which is mounted a stainless steel reel
that holds about 600’ of line used for stern tieing (which is very common in
the Pacific Northwest in tight anchorages).

I’ve also mounted a lifering, BBQ and stern anchor to the stern rail, so its
a bit busy but still very tidy.

By the way, when you phone Pro-Tech, you will likely be speaking to Blake.
Steve is the guy who actually did the work on my boat.

Gary Mynett

Hi Gary:

That’s some really good information, I really appreciate you taking
the time. The idea about the cut-out for the windvane, and the vert
post for the outboard motor mount, both real good ideas I’ll
incorporate into my plan. My boat’s a 1984. I’ll look yours up if I
can, just to see if our measurements would be similar. The lower
rails, are those to add strenth to the unit?

Again, thanks,

Jon Lang

My BCC is a 1983 model, so I suspect the measurements would be similar on
our boats. I had the lower rail added partly for strength but also for
additional attachment points. For example, having had my flimsy
single-point life ring mount torn away from the wake of an inconsiderate
stink potter, I now have a stainless steel bracket that attaches firmly to
both the upper and lower rail.

My stern rail actually extends aft of the taffrail and sits on top of the
boomkin. This was necessary because the previous owner mounted a traveller
on the taffrail, so I could not have the stern rail attached there.

Interesting. Now you mention it, my lifesling is mounted low on the
boom gallows, and two horizontal rails would be much better
attachment points. Some measurements, if they’ll do it for me, would
be fantastic. I’ll give them a call, maybe they still have your specs
on file.

many thanks,

Jon Lang


I spoke with Steve, and he says he’s going to be near your boat next
week, and if it’s okay with you he’ll take pictures and measurements
while he’s there. That was his suggestion, and not mine, but if it’s
alright with you, it certainly works for me. I’m planning to send him
measurements off of my boat to check against his measurements. They
really sound like good people.


Jon Lang


That will be no problem. I will contact Steve directly to make sure my boat
is at its slip when he plans to be there. I really enjoyed working with
Steve; I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with his work.



I really appreciate it. If there’s anything I can do to return the favor, please let me know.


no problem at all; I’m happy to help out. I did speak to Steve yesterday,
so he knows where my boat is and when it will be there.

I will be out this weekend on the boat. I will try to take some pics for
you of the stern rail