storage of the boat

as many of yo no doubt remember I had the opportunity to do the Abacos (last year) the plan this spring is the exumas and can’t wait. Stravaigin was stored in Fl for the summer and I had to chance to see how she was faring (Ilive in Newfoundland). I had a few sleepless nights as i pondered how I might put my baby to sleep for many months. Any way a German fella was storing his boat next to mine and his advice was 1- shrink wrap with lots of air flowing in and around
2- put a foil turkey baster full of charcoal in the head the galley and the engine room
3- put a dehumidifier in the galley with a hose drain down the sink hole
4 leave the boat plugged in (xantrex bat chrger auto charges as needed and will shut itself down once battery fully charged) and in any case will recharge every month

I can now report that i visited the boat last weeken on my way to Haiti, and it was in great shape. Cushions dry no smells batts fully charged, the varnish work looked great, all fully protected, lost a bit of luster but i was most pleased. I did leave some anti bug stuff around to torment any unwelcome wee beasties.

lots of folks gave me all kind of horror scenarios about what to do, anyway, this is my experience, the germans are usually quite mechanically inclined and they think things thru.

how do you shrink wrap with air flowing “in and around”

thanks in advance for taking the time to reply

the wrap conforms to the boat and is held off at the gunwhales, this together with the vents they place allows good air movement. Keeps the sun and most of the weather out. They make a door of the same material so as you can climb into the tent and go into the boat to check on things. In Florida for instance they n=burn sugar cane which creates this black residue which of course sticks like you know what, I was quite delighted.