Stove and Electronics offered for Sale

Because of several folks input, I am NOT putting the Yanmar for Jolly Dolphin up for sale this summer. However those interested in any of the items below please feel free to email and we can talk. Thanks so much to all of you who have sent me emails on this subject. Bottom line is I need to spend more time in and on the boat before I start yanking the engine and or doing radical changes.

Also for sale is a 2006 is a Garmin GPS Map 3205 Chart Plotter and Raymarine Smart Pilot S1 Tiller Pilot. Again currently on the boat on Tilghman. I again will consider reasonable offers. They aren’t new but can’t afford to give them away. I want to go to a handheld/portable one.

Last is a new (5/09) and hardly if ever used Force 10 3 burner gimbaled stove. I have the Invoice with a cost of $1,566.00 Only the stove and it’s mounting components are for sale. Propane system stays. I would like to get as close to $1,000 as I can as it is all but brand new. I want the storage back that the stove takes up and go with a 2 burner. I don’t bake and on a boat I either stirfry, use a pressure cooker or BBQ off the back.

All would be FOB Tilghman Island but can/will make arrangements for inspection and or removal by certified Marine techs. And could ship but I am in Alaska till May.

I want to go KISS and although many may think my decisions sacrilege, (especially the motor) it just fits more into how I will use the boat and how the boat will use me:-) MORE TIME SAILING (MTS) is my mantra at present. I will have enough work keeping up with the beautiful Teak and can’t spend the time on the mechanical and complicated electrical KISS = MTS :slight_smile:


I don’t (yet) have a boat, but it sounds like you’re doing the same thing I want to do… taking an FC (or BCC) and simplifying it. Please be sure to post photos! :slight_smile:



The gang over at “Flicka20” (PSC Flicka, no longer in production but comparable to the FC in weight and hull) routinely discusses the merits of inboard versus outboard power. If you dug into their Yahoo-based forum, that might give you some points to consider. You may need to go back several months or even a year or two, but the Tohatsu and Honda eight horse power outboard engines should be searchable items.