Stuffing Box / Bilge Pump

Ah !!! The shop manual, no wonder!!! I use it as much as my
computer manuals, little as possible.

Calliste has the standard stuffing box, as installed by the
factory in 1985. I got tired of the constantly wet and smelling bilge
and opted for the “dusty dry” bilge insted.
To do this, I had to do away with the “shaft drip” type cooling and
fix all the other leaks in the boat.
Alameda Prop, in Oakland, installed the teflon packing in the
stuffing box, but upon sea trials, noticed the stuffing box heating
up, so the remedy was to inject raw water just after the stuffing in
the box. This was successful, and has been for some 1200 hours so
far, but I don’t let the shaft freewheel, and stop it by putting the
shift handle in the reverse position, when sailing.

For those who have a reliable engine and are looking for a high
capacity dewatering pump, always on line and working during motoring,
I saw such a pump in an article somewhere like Practical Sailor.
The pump is as simple as they come, but I can’t remember it’s name.
It has a paddle wheel which mounts on the prop shaft, then a housing
mounts over the paddle wheel. When motoring in forward, any rising
bilge water that reaches the housing (guessing about 4" below the
shaft) will be flung by the paddle wheel out the housing exit port
and overboard via a large hose.