Table Leg

I’ve built a new table for Calypso - inspired by the SLM standard design - but have not yet decided on how to build the table leg. On Mischief (#067/1984), SLM used a bronze tube and a pair of bronze castings at both ends of the tube. I think the same casting was used for the base of the boom gallows posts on some boats. In the photo below of Ma Muse (#115/2000) I see SLM had switched to a wood leg design - and it looks like there might be some bronze hardware attaching it to the sole.

Can someone with the wood leg provide close up pictures and perhaps dimensions of the parts?


Looks like it might be a brass barrel boat latch at the bottom.

I think you’re right. @Bil mentioned that its likely a slide-bolt - similar to the hardware used to lock the table leaf to the heater counter and the swing up galley counter.