Taylors paraffin stove VS propane?

Taylors 030 two burner stove with oven looks very nice but what is it like to live with ? Can anyone give me their thoughts on the pros and cons ?


I lived with one for many years. Once you get accustomed to Kerosene it is very good to live with. But only if you pre heat more than you ever thought necessary. Once up and running I much prefer it to propane. The Taylor is a fine unit with much history.

I’ve got a Taylors 029 which is a little smaller and without the burner in
the oven. I haven’t started cruising yet, just weekend trips and once in a
while I go for a week. The top burners work good but without the burner in
the oven I haven’t been successful in using the oven. I had to make a
bottle with a valve to dispense the alcohol for preheating. The one that
came with the Taylors didn’t work well. The flexible pipe that connects
from the bulkhead to the stove has surface corrosion after only 2 years.
Should have used a non-corrosive metal.

My boat was designed with the Taylors 029 in mind so when I bought the boat
I replaced the stove with the same make and model. I would much prefer
propane if I could mount the bottle on deck similar to the Pardey’s. The
trouble is a retrofit just wouldn’t look good.

Doug Beu
s/v Fritha