Teak deck

I just had a computer foul-up and ended up posting the same thing twice. I can’t find a way to delete it, so I’ll edit it instead!

Does anyone have a drawing or annotated photograph showing the deck dimensions?
As I mentioned in the duplicate post, I have some patches in the deck that need repair.
One rather extreme solution would be to throw money at it…

I mean get a friend who manages a joinery factory here to put a half inch teak deck on top of the existing one, after sealing it ‘good and proper’.
He’s got some real Burma teak in his timber store.

He needs a layout to make the quotation, and I was hoping someone might have a suitable drawing!

I think 1/2 teak decking would be just a little too thin. You would be amazed how fast the wood wears down in high traffic areas. Then the wood plugs start popping out exposing screws … etc. 4/4 wood milled to about 7/8 of an inch would be a very good deck. That is a great deal of money and WEIGHT! Gets really hot in the sun too.

But why not just fill and fair you present deck. Filling all the cracks and crazing. Then do a nice non-skid job with Awlgrip.

I think Sam only built a couple of boats with teak decks. He did not like the idea of all the weight and screw holes in a “perfectly good deck” as he put it.

There is no doubt they look great, as long as they are properly maintained.

Tough decision, particularly if you have a good source of a very scarce wood these days.

Adding a teak deck over an existing teak deck is not a good solution to repair an old teak deck. The additional weight will affect the righting moment of the boat and should a leak develop, you have no means to determine whats happening under two decks.

The best solution to an old teak deck is to rip the old deck up and replace it with new teak decking. If you have planks that need to be replaced, then replace them but bond new teak deck planks to the subsurface.


Hi Rod - I don’t have a teak deck !
If you see the photograph in my other posting under ‘Deck Lights’ you’ll see what I meant!
Thanks for the comment though!

Ok, now I see the challenge.

One questions:

Do you know how these patches were made?