Teak Floors

On my BCC Calliste #72, the Teak feather edge on the aft cabin floor
is splintering off, leaving gaps between this edge and the
Treadmaster covered hull is allowing hair and small stuff to get into
the bilge along sides of the aft water tank.
Does anyone have a good fix for this problem and can share it with
us ? I am considering routing out a fore and aft channel on each edge
and inlaying a strip of copper flat stock, but maybe someone in the
group has a better solution ?

Douglas Walling

If you are refering to the edge of the fixed cabinsole where it meets the hull, I might consider a small bead of caulk to cure the problem.

Marty Chin
BCC Shamrock

Thank You for your reply Marty, Yes I was refering to that floor to
hull edge. On Calliste, the floor is removeable, 2 long 3" x # 14
screws penetrating the floor bearers, are easily removed, then the
Teak over Ply floor slides forward, lifts up, and is removed.
Yes, a bead of calk, like you and Bil (BCC Zygote) recommended will
I remove this floor twice a year, and more times when actively
cruising, to gain access to the (on top) water tank clean out deck
plates, to swab out a dirty tank.
A soft gasket made of calk or soft foam rubber would contour to the
joint nicely, and be easy to clean from above, but I was interested
in any other special or unique way BCC owners might have encountered
and, or solved the problem differently.
Another idea that I had was to use 5200 to glue a fore and aft
ledger / stringer under the floor edges, which would act as a lint

Douglas Walling