The BCC''s seaworthiness: Comments and Opinions solicited

First let me say I have read many interesting topics on this board
and have gleaned much good information reading back over the postings.

That said, I am considering a BCC for a long-intended Single-Handed
Circumnavigation - Including at the very least Cape Horn and
considerable time in the Southern Ocean in the Roaring 40’s and
Furious 50’s.

Larry Pardey brought this particular Lyle Hess design to my attention
as a sea-worthy, yet simple to maintain design. For perspective: I am
also considering the Hans Christian 33T and commisioning the Robert
Bruce updated ‘Spray’ replica which Capt. Joshua Slocumb made so
famous, (and I suspect, inspired most of us on this message board to
some degree or other.)

I would appreciate feedback - especially owners’ first-hand knowledge
of the BCC’s Sea-Kindlyness, ability to Heave-To, General comfort in
both the High Latitudes and the Tropics, but indeed any other
comments you may also deem useful.

Thank You in Advance,

Capt. David Mosbach
USCG 100ton Master Oceans