The Great Chesapeake BCC Rendezvous June 29-30, 2002

Aloha BCC Fleet,

Mark you calendars! Schedule your vacation! Plan your sailing
adventure to include the Great Chesapeake BCC Rendezvous!

When: June 29-30, 2002

Where: Pirate’s Cove" on Trippe Creek
NOAA/NOS Chart #12266-Choptank River
Posit: 38-42’43"N/076-7’15"W

Description: Per Cole Neill/Sirius…It easy to find, has a nice
seabreeze with little shoreline development, is well protected, just
the right size, and has good bottom. It is only 2.5nm upstream from
the Strand at Oxford, yet remains fairly well secluded. On weekends
it is frequented by others for rendezvous. There is a really cool
Tiki Bar with pool and excellent restraint at Herrington Harbor South
which is a perfect day sail (read race) from Oxford back across the
bay. HHS is a full service marina with hotel. If you have more
questions, contact Cole Neill, S/V SIRIUS-80, 410-293-5612

Hoop La! Sam L. Morse is sending us XL shirts! Sumio and Roger are
invited to come if they can. RogueWave Yacht Sales and Services has
offered to contribute a special prize. You know RogueWave was
instrumental in matching several wonderful BCCs with happy new
owners…Aloha, Surprise, and Caylin. We are into publicity too.
We’ve got volunteers to take pictures. Cole has a contact and Rod
Bruckdorfer is quite a photographer in our own fleet. We have big
Ideas about getting our story published in Spin Sheet, Cruising
World, Good Old Boat and/or, we’ll just make a web site. Rod has
volunteered to write our story!

Next Steps: Make your plan! Those sailing south may meet in Annapolis
and sail over in formation. Let us know you are coming this way. So
far Iduna, Sirius, and Aloha are definite. Surprise is in Annapolis
and we hope Drew O’Brian will not miss the opportunity because we all
want to see hull #103. We hope Itchen will make the trip down from
the Hudson! Calypso will sail up from the York River and others south
may want to hook up with Jeremy and Nica. And Godspeed might just
come by land!

Let’s all make this a big adventure. It will be fun to see the fleet
sail together. We’ll turn a few heads I’m certain. Stay tuned.