The Love For A BCC

I have been personally involved with the Sam Morse BCC now for many years. Not by ever owning one, but by watching them sail by, or sway at some far off anchorage over the horizon, while sailing or just sitting on my own boats, if it was my Norseman 447, or Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34 or my now, Valiant 40. I love the BCC and consider them to be something extremely special in these days of so much meaningless material things.
I run a Brokerage Business, here in Annapolis, Maryland and had the pleasure of selling two BCC's in 2001. Aloha, hull number 95 and just month, Surprise, hull 103. I feel very good about providing this service because I helped some wonderful people find something very special in their lives. I know that my actions will open up many a doors in those sailors lives that will last forever.
After sea trials and survey, of Surprise, last month, in San Diego, I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the place that the BCCs are created or born or built, with the new proud owners of Aloha and Surprise in hand. Having been in the sailing and boating industries now for many years, and having it all be a lifestyle instead of just hobby to me, I was wonderfully moved by the pride that the workers reflected, and at the energy the plant offered those that looked.
The workers, or better yet, the craftsmen and artists, spoke about their creations as proud parents do about their own children. We were given the official tour, saw the several hulls coming to life and also was able to see the little Cherub under cover.
The reason for my post, is just to say that no matter what a BCC or a Cherub costs, it still is worth every dollar spent on them, for you get alot more than fiberglass, lead and some wood.
Something of this caliber, is very hard to find, hard to duplicate and what's worse, to let die.
Thank you.
Bernie Jakits
President, RogueWave Yacht Sales & Services, LLC.
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