The Real Deal_Larry Pardey : Legendary Sailor & Adventurer

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Hi Mike. Thanks for posting this. Great video!

Thanks, Mike. Lots of interesting footage and backstory about Larry in this video. A labor of love for sure.


Thanks Nica, Yes, it was 8 months of work accumulating photos and selecting narrations and other interviews, but like you say a labor of love…just like you working on the renovation on your BCC…I’ve been watching your progress on various projects …lots of work but fun work too. She looks great. Are you planning a cruise soon?

All the best, Mike

We did a quick shakedown (3 months) this summer, testing out all the new systems on board, and are back in the boatyard doing more big projects. Aim is to head to New England summer of 2022, then to the Caribbean in the fall of 2022 with an eventual Canal transit in our future. Adding the second BCC to the family has invited a few logistical scrambles but we’re sorting that all out.

Many cheers!

Nica, I was unaware of a you having a second BCC… I had two boats before at one time and found out that it was to much for for me to handle , mostly because of not enough time on either as I was building Tansy Lee, but still had my Serena, (cool little Yawl) . More power to you for the effort. I’ll be watching your post .


Will see how it all goes. Calypso (hull 006) we’ve owned since 1992. Mischief is hull 67, bought completely unexpectedly in July of this year. She’d been pretty neglected and we couldn’t let someone buy her to ruin her. Our plan is to keep both boats - Mischief will be the East Coast boat and Calypso the “go far” boat. First step with Mischief is to get her bottom stripped (a failed barrier coat job) and dry her out.

Wish us luck! (lol)


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