Tiller Pads

I’m in the process of replacing my tiller pads on my rudder (see attached photo). Instead of replacing them with like material, I’m thinking Micarta would last much longer. Any thoughts or musings?

I cannot make sense of your attached picture given its high resolution - where exactly are these tiller pads located? What is their function? What is Micarta?


The pads are located where the butt end of the tiller lives(see attached photo)…

The pads are located where the butt end of the tiller lives when cruising (see attached photo)…

When I built my rudder I used 1/8" bronze plate on the inside of the rudder cheeks and the same on the tiller. After five years I have no wear issues at all. Just an idea.

You know Eric, I thought about the bronze plate for the rudder but dismissed it thinking it may be a wear issue for the tiller. I didn’t think it through all the way by using the bronze plate on the tiller as well. I’m going to follow up on your suggestion. Thank you!

I just did 1/8" brass plates on the inside of the rudder cheeks. I have not had any wear issues after 4 years. But then my tiller is ash, which is a very hard wood.

Attached is a picture of my tiller cheeks after many years and tens of thousands of ocean miles logged by the previous owners. The Project Manager in the boat yard conveyed to me just how impressed he is with the BCC build stating “you just don’t see this quality of construction in this day and age!”

Attached is a picture of my new bronze plate tiller pads - these should last a while. Thanks for the tip Gary!