Tiller Removal

The cockpit on the FC is a bit restricted for entertaining. The situation would be improved at anchor or in the dock with the tiller removed. MY tiller is held by a single bolt/washer/nut arrangement and removal of the bolt is done above the water. It is inevitable that one or all of the parts will end up in the water. I did consider having a bolt with an attached drop pin made. Any other good ideas?

The tiller on most FCs is attached similarly to yours. I have lost washers but so far no nuts or bolts. But it can happen, be sure to have a spare available.

The tillers on some new FCs are attached differently. Specifically, rather than a through bolt to hold the tiller in place there are two wooden stops attached to the sides of the tiller forward of the rudder cheeks and a rope pulled through a hole drilled in the tiller aft of the rudder cheeks. The wooden stops control the aftmost position of the tiller, the rope controls the forwardmost postion of the tiller. The rope is secured in place with stopper knots at each end, which prevents the tiller from being accidentally removed. So to remove the tiller, simply untie one of the stopper knots, pull the rope out of its hole in the tiller, and pull the tiller forward. A nice arrangement that is also used by Lin & Larry Pardey on Taleisin.

Sorry, I don’t have a photo, but I hope the verbal description will do.

ron walton
editor: FC News