Treadmaster replacement..cabin sole

Curious if anyone has replaced the smooth Treadmaster used on the cabin sole sides adjacent to the teak flooring. Mine is torn and generally pretty ratty looking. It would appear that it is tucked under the flooring and behind the settee trim. Looks like it migh be more trouble than it’s worth. Any other suggetions here to doll up this area ? Thanks in advance

Hi Mark , I looked long and hard to find a suitable substitute for the smooth/checkered, brown-cork color, treadmaster, when I was in OZ, but no joy.

On BCC Calliste 072, the Treadmaster was glued down with polyester resin and a thickening agent, chiseling and grinding removed it to bare f/g.

I contacted the Treadmaster manufacturer in the UK, and had to order a minimum qty,but forgot how much was that cost.

They did run a short batch for me, but would’nt do it again easily, but you can always try.

I was very happy to get the replacement Treadmaster, because it is such great stuff.

Hello Douglas,
I could not find a suitable substitute either. I located the material. Just not looking forward to removing the old stuff and the mess in entails. There is a paint made by Treadmaster in the various colors (teak etc.) that is for painting over the stained or worn Treadmaster. They wanted $ 100.00 for a liter of the stuff. Not knowing the result you will get, I opted to just replace with new.
Best to you

Hi Mark, one last thought, on removing the old Treadmaster and hard polyester

beding compound.

I have been using the Fein Multimaster power tool for many of my BCC improvement


Yes, I did use a beat-up woodworking chisel and a 4" angle grinder(16 grit) to

remove the old Treadmaster, because I had gutted my BCC’s main cabin and dust

control/ventilation was in place already .

If I had to do the job again without much grinding/dust making , I would use that

Fein Multimaster power tool and it’s assessory attachments.

The wood trim strips covering the Treadmaster edges, are easy to remove. I removed

the wood bungs covering the screws, then removed the screws, and off they came .

Removing the Teak flooring where it “knife edges” into the Treadmaster is more

difficult, but I did have success doing that too.