I have been in touch with Mehmet as he is selling a Trinka 8 foot dinghy. Looking for some input re storing it on the deck, either on the coach roof or alternately on the bow. Anyone done this already with a trinka and any advice folks. Thanks Stewart

HI Stewart, We stored a Trinka 8 on the foredeck for several years. It worked OK but left little room forward of the deck boxes. We learned to fly and douse a spinnaker from there and toe-heeled our way forward to work the staysail. Full disclosure, we are presently building a nesting 8 footer to carry on the cabin top.

Question, was the stern of the trinka tight to the mast? I have furlers on the foresails so that is a boost. I have a dyer dhow at the moment with a snubbed off bow but still rides over the samson posts and is a pain for the windlass. Decisions!

Stewart: Hi!

Zygote carries a Cherub dinghy on her foredeck. The nose of the Cherub, upturned, sits on a chamfer to the bowsprit, right close to the bitts. And the Cherub transom is tight to the mast - the transom falls into grooves in wooden cleats that abut the forward faces of the Hill deck boxes.

Roger Olson designed the Cherub with that all in mind - just perfectly sized to fit. And chose the name too (Cherub = the steed of the deity and the guardian of the treasure, according to the Pentateuch).

I kneel down and reach under the Cherub to work the windlass (flip the chain pawl, remove/insert plate into the chain pipe). Not elegant, but workable.



The stern of the Trinka was close enough to our reaching pole(stored vertically on the front of the mast) that you couldn’t pass your leg between. This meant climbing over the dinghy if you wanted to move to the other side of the mast. We really did love the Trinka but felt like the weight on the bow was another downside that we wanted to change. Here’s a few more pics just for grins. The last one is the arrangement we used to transit the Panama canal. Worked fantastic.

Let’s try it again.

Hi Stew…
No it was not. There was about a foot of space between the mast and the
stern of the boat. Meantime there are really nice pictures of a sister boat
on sale:

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