UK Sails "Lazy Cradle"

Does anyone on this forum have any experience with the UK Sails “Lazy Cradle”? Based on my research, it appears to be somewhat similar to the Doyle StackPack, but it is not an integral part of the mainsail (whereas I understand the Doyle StackPack is). As well, the Lazy Cradle works well with loose-footed mainsails, whereas I don’t think the StackPack will work with a loose-footed main.

I am considering the Lazy Cradle for 3 reasons (not necessarily in order): to ease mainsail handling while short-handed; to eliminate the need to manhandle and store the large mainsail cover when not needed; and to eliminate chafe on the bimini (in my current configuration, the flaked mainsail has a tendency to droop below the boom and chafe on the bimini, which I suppose could be eliminated with proper use of sail ties).

Based on my research on the Internet (always a reliable source), I have not found any adverse comments regarding the Lazy Cradle, which is not the case with the StackPack. I suspect, however, that that is simply because their are more StackPacks in use and given enough users, one can always find negative and positive comments about a product.

Any comments are welcome!

Discouri (#064)

I have admired the ease which the “cradles” appear to capture and arrange the main, although I have not observed one in action. I am a bit concerned with the extra windage they would add versus appropriately placed ties. The main convenience I see is the orderly flaking of the main and a readily applied cover. For my coastal sailing where I am anchoring or moored most nites, lazy jacks and ties work well although I am in the process of adding a forth point to the boom for the lazy jacks. But, yes the cradles do look nice.