update from Deltaville

Hello all -

Spring is springing, and on Calypso that means some serious boat work.
We hauled last November (yes, we had just put her in!) with the
intention of pulling the mast, stripping and revarnishing. All is in
process - we have 5 coats of varnish on and 5 more to go. Anyone in the
area who wants to come put a bit of varnish on some nice weekend, come
find us at Deagles!

Ah, but finding us isn’t as easy as one might think. Despite the small
number of our gorgeous boats that exist, there are no less than TEN
(yes, you read that right!) BCCs hauled out in the booming metropolis
(population 1000?? Maybe???) of Deltaville. Many are from Kate and
Bernie’s brokerage, but half of us are just owners getting the boats
ready for sailing! What a super find on a Sunday afternoon. There’s
Calypso, Indigo, Sati, Aloha, Jolie Brise, an unnamed one at Deagle’s,
MacNab, Ariel and 2 more whose names I cannot right now recall. Any
chance of all of us launching around the same time and actually
rendezvousing? Could be a riot . . . .10 BCCs filing through the Gwynn’s
Island swing bridge . . .

But back to boat maintenance. When we pulled the mast, we also took off
all the track so as to reseal that area. 120 flathead screws (by hand)
later, we decided to change the screws to phillips head, so as to have a
better chance of using an electric screwdriver. Our local West Marine
wants (brace yourself) $2 PER SCREW. No thanks. I’ve got other uses for
that $240 plus tax. So we checked out Jamestown Distributors. Brace
yourself . . . $13. For 200. We also ordered a sleeve of sandpaper
(similar prices to the screws (per sheet) at every hardware store I
found), a box of throw away brushes, a case (6 cans) of varnish, and
some epoxy syringes. Grand total, including a whopping $15 shipping
(they only charge what it costs them, plus a $2.50 adder per order) was
right around that $250 mark. They could NOT have been nicer to deal
with and certainly have the right prices. They even steered Jeremy
toward the cheaper shipping option (ever hear of anyone else these days
doing that?) Well worth dealing with - we’ll definitely look there
first for items in the future. We do frequent our local (read family
owned) hardware store when possible for lots of stuff, but for big
orders like this one we use Jamestown.

It’s spring 2006. Who’s game for another Chesapeake rendezvous?

Cheers, and happy sanding/varnishing/sailing.

Calypso, BCC #6

hmm, wish i had a BCC to join you with… somebody sell me theirs!

I read with interest you episode with the screws. Here in Canada I always use Robertson headed screws whenever possible. The beauty of these is that you can place them on the end of an electric drill and they don’t fall off.


Denis N Ripley

That unamed BCC at Deagle’s yard would be me! Godspeed is airing herself
out after 6 years in the water.

Mark Gearhart
s/v Godspeed