Update on my doings

Greetings to the FC world:

I thought I’d update you all on my doings. I bought the FC 2, Bandit, back in April. Since then I’ve been working steadily to refit. I got the hull sound (there was a leak in the stern prop shaft), the bulwarks rebuilt (much rot and cracked wood), and the engine working. That last bit, fixing the Yanmar 1GM10, has occupied the past few months. I’ve been slowed down in work because I put the boat in Lake Keowee, SC, which is about 70 miles away from me. I can only get up there once a week. So, on those days, I labored on the Diesel. Replaced fuel filter, engine fuel filter, fuel pump, thermostat, injector, and cylinder head. Now she runs like a top.

Now I’m looking at refitting the galley. Has anyone placed a Sea Swing somewhere?

And I’m beginning to think about navigation. Are you working off iPads and such… or more dedicated systems like Garmin?

Our goal to to make it to the Galapagos someday.

Ideally, you need a dedicated marine system with an underlying soundings and bottom chart. It also should be updatable.

As you will quickly learn, the inlets in SC change shape, and position, with every storm! Only local knowledge will help you there, there can be nothing so destroying as lying on your side with a lee shore, watching your boat get pounded.

I pads won’t cut it; they are too delicate, too reliant on signal, and often the charts you see are well out of date.