USCG Vessel Documentation

Ahoy All , currently I am in need of proof of renewal of my USCG Documentation .

This year I was 6 days late on my renewal and had to pay the USD $ 5.00 late fee as a penality, ouch !

Today , I am asking our forum members , if they can advise me , on how to see if my BCC US Documentation has been renewed ? Hopefully without a USD $ 29.99 , fee .

Yes , I did submit my CC # for the USD$ 5.00 late penality fee , and they have charged that to my CC , I can document that , But , I would like to have that renewal confirmation from the internet , so that I could provide that to the S’pore M P A .

So does anyone know if that is possible ?

My current problem originates from the Singapore Marine Port Authority (MPA), who is requesting a currently renewed USCG Doc Certificate, which I don’t have in hand , and I would like to direct them to the internet website , where my renewal for year 2013 has been instated .

Any Ideas from the fleet, would be welcome .

You can try this: Office of Science and Technology

It worked for mine but the site is only updated on a monthly basis so any recent changes may not be reflected yet. Since it is from a NOAA site the MPA may regard it as an official document.

Good Luck

Thank You , Cockedhat, for your reply .

I had used that NOAA Fisheries Documation check site before , but the most important info that you provided is that they are slow to update the Doc renewed expiration date , by a month or more , which was true in my case as well .

Now it is up to me to be doubly sure to renew the Doc , before the next expiration date , Ouch !

Good On You Mate !