Varnish report

How about 2-3 years between coats? Depending on where you live of course. I recommend a yearly maintenance coat to be safe.

I live in the Caribbean and we usually have to re-coat every 6 months to keep regular varnish up good. And that is with a start up of at least 8 coats if not 12.

2 things that are against this “varnish”

  1. Expense…very.
  2. Tendency to NOT do a yearly maintenance coat because it looks so good. If you let this stuff go it’s hell to pay striping it off.

You can read more on my blog and see some photos too.


Looks really good. I had Honey Teak on my Nor’sea 27. Held up well. I think it’s worth the extra cost for the longevity and reduced time spent doing varnish work. Bristol Finish, my choice, also 2 part, but without the coloring of Honey Teak. Seems to hold up just as well as Honey Teak. Evidently, the story is the founders of Honey Teak split up over an argument, one still makes Honey Teak, the other makes Bristol Finish. Not sure if that’s true or not, but either product works real well from first hand experience.