We have had such a good experience with a new varnish product I want to share it with you. The product is Behr Spar Varnish. We had previously only used Epifanes as it seemed to be “the thing”! However, it is difficult to mix with thinner, strain it, and then putting it on required nerves of steel as it didn’t keep a “wet edge” and you couldn’t go back into it for drips and sags. The Behr varnish goes on full strength, and keeps a wet edge (you can even go back into it after 2-3 minutes if needed). This week my wife put on (2) coats (“hotcoated” the second one after 4 hours) on a 41’ stepped mast in one day! We never could have done that with Epifanes and this is about 1/3 as expensive as Epifanes and available at Home Depot in Canada (I don’t know about the states). Right now it looks great and it will be for this season to show us if it holds up as good as Epifanes, but right now this is our varnish of choice.

There has been an extensive thread about this varnish on the Wooden Boat Forum.
The Behr product was at one time available from Home Depot as a special order.
I believe it is now no longer available. It was never really promoted or stocked anywhere that I could find. Last I heard it was going to be re-introduced under another label. I too find the Epiphanes difficult to work with.
I do like the higher build per coat but it is not as workable and maintaining a wet edge is difficult on larger jobs where there is a good amount of cutting in.
I have been using the Petit Flagship with good results.
SV “Lightfoot”

Thanks for the comment. Actually it was the posts by Jay Greer on WB that got us interested but I thought that I would add the information to this forum for those that might want to use varnish.

As soon as we use our supply of $$-ifanes, I plan to switch to McCloskey’s Man-O-War Spar Varnish. It’s half the price of $$-ifanes. I do not know if Lin Pardey is using it now but when she did, Lin was very satisfied with the product. In short I am tired of spending $25-$30 a liter when I can buy a good spar varnish w/o a marine label on it for $12-$15 a quart.


Thought your name looked familiar. Must have been that thread. Would like to try the product as I am currently in the process of wooding the exterior Teak.
Hoping it will be available under some label here. I heard the price was around
$ 8.00 a quart or so. Can’t compare that to what we pay for a quart of decent varnish from Petit , Interlux or Epiphanes.

SV “Lightfoot”