Vinylester Resin - Barrier Coat

What year or hull number did Samual Morse start using Vinylester resins as a barrier coat in its layup process?

More specifically, how do I find out if Hull number 62 has it.

Todd Uecker at Cape George Yachts has the original documentation on all Sam L Morse builds. He could tell you if it was done on your BCC. He is a super nice guy and has helped me source some items I need for my refit.

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Thanks very much for that info!

What’s the best way to contact him?

Interesting question! I’d like to know this also, for Hull #60 in my case…

My best guess is that It would be 89 and later at the earliest.

360-385-3412 He usually answers or just leave a voicemail.

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He did. Very nice fellow. Very helpful. Not the answer I wanted to hear, but…

Thank you.

Was Todd able to answer based on your hull number specifically (i.e. if the original owner requested it) or more general (i.e. after a certain hull number Sam started using barrier coat)? Hull #77 is very curious and I hate to bother Todd any more often than I already do! =)


He didn’t check the file on mine when on the phone but he doubted it very much. They didn’t start doing it until about six years later, around 1989. Then for a while only when asked.

For what it’s worth my boat was built with a barrier coat. After 10 years she developed a really bad case of gelcoat blisters, thousands but none in the glass… Her gel coat was removed and she was again barrier coated. As far as I can see she doesn’t have a single pimple on her. I have her hauled for long term storage, I don’t see any reason to add anything other than paint next time she goes in. If you are worried it’s a reasonably easy job although a bit labor intensive. Make sure her hull is dry when you do it or you will seal in the mositure.

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Did you ever figure out why your boat’s hull got blistered in the first place? Especially with the barrier coat.

I don’t know if this is fact or rumor but I was told they put a second layer of gelcoat and it didn’t cure properly.