Volvo Penta 2002

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on my post about relocating the bilge pump on Jolie Brise. I’m going to install two pumps on one platform, with the backup pump situated two to three (?) inches higher than the primary, wired to independent circuits, fused separately, with separate thru-hulls for each pump. Primary is 2000gph, secondary is 3700gph. Platform to be glassed in just forward of the aft water tank, and the switches facing aft. Using 12g Ancor wire and smooth walled Shields hoses.

I’ve single handed the boat from Beaufort, SC to Palm Beach, FL, no big deal, but I’ve only been sailing for two years, so for me it’s an accomplishment. Hoping to get to the Tortugas this winter, and then get to Annapolis this summer.

I’m looking to buy another Volvo-Penta 2002, like the one I’ve got. The engine in the boat is fine, but I’d like to put another one in my shop, and learn to work on it during the weeks between sailing days.

Does anyone know where I might find said engine?


Jonathan: am replacing the 1983 Volvo 18 hspwr in my BCC in the coming month. The engine performs nicely but I am overhauling “SENTIENT”?since purchasing the boat last March. It is moored in Anacortes. Presume the engine could be shipped and you are welcome to have it “surveyed” while it is still in the boat. The price is right.
Richard Smith?

If the engine is running, that’s all I need to know. I could have
Allied Van Lines ship it, if you could drain the fluids. I think they
could put it on a pallet, I don’t think they will require a crate.
I’ll check on that. Would you contact me directly at
jonathanlang@b… to work out the details.

Thanks very much,

Jon Lang