Want to buy a FC in 2011

I will be retiring in two to three years and would like to buy a FC in a year or two. I know this is weird but thought there might be a FC owner that wasn’t ready to sell quite yet but might be in a year or two. I work in remote Alaska and though will have funds to purchase by next summer will need to set up storage, etc as I will not be able to sail regularly till 2012. I will consider a “super deal” if I can find the right boat at the right price. I have the ability to adjust my schedule so I will have time to sail.

Came across your post this evening. I have an FC22. It is now for sale. I feel comfortable in saying it is in excellent condition. It was meant to be my last boat until my wife convinced me she needed an indoor shower. If you have not yet purchased your boat we should talk.

Please feel free to contact me at rwood3@cfl.rr.com or by phone at 407 493 6283.

BTW, my boat, Honu, is on her trailer which was completely rebuilt in 2009 by Essex Marine.

She needs someone who understands her potential.

Larry Wood