Water Filter for Galley Pump

Quick question for those with a non-pressurized fresh water system for the galley. We’re replacing our foot pump with a plain vanilla Whale Gusher. The boat has not had any inline galley filter. Whale lists the Aquasource Clear Water Filter 15mm as a standard accessory for this foot pump.

Checking it out, the Aquasource appears to be a fairly cheap and basic filter for smell and taste suitable for RVs and also boats…but nothing close to the level of filtration that one would get with a Seagull,for instance. Does anyone out there have a recommendation for anything a bit more robust for an unpressurized system than the Aquasource? Or are these a good option?
Geoff Robinson
Kikorangi (#26)

I have had the smallish Seagull on our onboard, foot pump water faucet for 12 years. It is terrific…pumps a little slowly but the water is great…always…I also flush my tanks every fall. I have replaced the filter only once.

Seagull claims I could drink Lake Michigan water with no problem using their filter. Have not tried that to date. We have a second ‘raw water’ pump for hand washing etc…

Horrifyingly pricey up front but we feel it has been well worth the expense

Wait…there’s more! forgot to mention that I use a standard RV filter from Walmart ($15?) on our raw water pump to filter out the basics. I have to change that every spring as the little critters and plant life finally croak and leave a disgusting slime in the filter.

I watched a guy fill his boat in the bahamas by using a large filter (household) which he fed his dock hose through, the water theoretically was cleaned before it got to the tank. The filter had two quick connects on it and the water went through quickly. I bought one and was thoroughly happy with it. The filter canister could accommodate a variety of filters according to the wishes and desires of the owner.

The canister sits in a bag in the laz and is brought when needed, saving a bunch of detailed plumbing in confined spaces.