Water Tank Sizes

I just timed how long it takes to empty each of my water tanks. I have hull #95 built in 1991.

My forward tank appears to be 33 gallons and my rear tank 23 gallons. The boat specs on the web site say 40 gallons and 24 gallons.

Did the tanks grow in size over the years?


Has anyone had experience with the Apollo bronze, ball valve Conbraco flanged seacocks ?

I fitted these ball valve seacocks on BCC Calliste back in 1996 .

Haven’t had any noticable problems with these, until about one year ago. That little threaded plug in the side of the seacock body, showed evidence of wicking or seeping a very little sea water, by turning the bronze around it green .

Well , yesterday, came the time to check it out. I shut off the valve and unscrewed that little plug. Very little resistance, it unscrewed easily.

I cleaned it and found the threaded portion had turned pink, but the top square cut part for the wrench was still brass color.

Obviously , I had better replace that plug , but has anyone else experienced anything similar, on valves like this ?

There was a batch of these valves that had problems with the valve stems and factory replacements were free, but my valves were not of the bad batch.


Craig, To answer your question, yes the tank sizes changed since 1991. We discontinued using the Stainless steel tank because some had minor problems with pin hole leaks in the welds. We changed to two tanks connected together. These tanks were marked as 22 gallons each or 44 gallons. Under the engine a wedge tank was used and, if I remember right it was a 23 + gallon tank. These tanks are marked and available from Ronco Tanks.