Waterline Scribe Measurements Request

Hey you guys!

I’m trying to find my waterline in order to get the boat leveled on the hard. But I don’t have a scribed waterline anymore… the boat had an epoxy bottom job done a few years back , and I guess they filled in the scribed mark. What I’m looking for are measurements to the line from some fixed objects on the boat in the bow and stern. This would be from a SLM boat only.

How about these distances:

Bottom of bobstay fitting to scribe line
Bottom of middle gudgeon to scribe line

I think that’d get me the info I need to get a water level set up.
So if anyone can run out to their boat and grab me those measurements, I’d be very grateful.



Hi Ben, when my BCC was being blocked up on the hard, I just put a small torpedo level on the cabin sole, and have the yard guys use that as a guide .

The cabin sole fore and aft level is the same level as measured fore and aft in the middle of the bridge deck, in front of the companion way, on my boat.

I don’t know if the BCC boot top stripe is raised at the bow, but most yards do raise up the water line at the bow, for looks, as I was told !

I will bet that Roger knows the answer !


Thanks again Douglas!

That’s an interesting concept. So if I understand correctly, you’re saying the floor is parallel to the deck at the main companionway. Is that parallel to the waterline as well? I need to level this boat fore and aft, based on the waterline, to reposition the mast step.


Gosh Ben, that is an interesting question, is the fore and aft, waterline

level the same as the cabin sole and bridge deck, fore and aft level ?

I have never checked that.

There is a photo of a BCC boot top stripe on Mike Gearheart’s webpage, and this

shows the raised boot stripe at the bow, http://mgearheart.com/bcc/ then

click “about BCC” , then click, photo 2 .

Mike’s webpage also has a BCC sailplan, that I haven’t seen before, that you might

be able to use it, to asertain, the waterline.

Also on that page click “interior lines” , and that drawing shows the waterline,

in relation to the cabin sole fore and aft line.

Are you planning to shift your mast step, with-in the elongated step bolt holes,

as was mounted at the factory ?



I’ve tried to get to Mark’s site before with no success. Finally fired up Windows on my MAC and got it to load.


Yes, the idea is to move the mast step aft slightly. Roger has recommended it, saying it reduces some of the weather helm. The later production boats had their step moved aft about an inch of so. Evidently the mast should go in as perpendicular to the waterline as possible, with little to no aft rake at all. Thought I’d give it a shot while I am replacing all my standing rigging, and can get the lengths adjusted properly.

Thanks, Ben

One very real positive thing that could result from moving your mast step aft, is that it would lift your boom higher, when under sail, close hauled !

I like that, because I don’t like a “low” sweeping boom , over the cockpit, eventhough the boom gallows will hinder that on a BCC !


benjiwoodboat Wrote:


Here are some photos which show Itchen’s waterline and boot stripe at the stern and (more or less) at the bow. After several years of cruising with tanks full and four or five jerry cans of diesel and water on deck and lots of stores and tools and spare parts on board I am happy with the setup as-is. The waterline at the bow has the bottom paint higher than the actual waterline by three or four inches and at the stern it is only an inch or so above the actual waterline. When under power at high RPMs the actual waterline is much higher than the bottom paint due to “stern squat” but that is short-lived and does not result in fouling. A lot depends on trim and heel resulting from decisions on where to stow books and canned goods and beer and batteries and Itchen tends to have a slight stbd list with some consequent fouling on the boot stripe amidships to stbd. Not a problem, easily wiped off and could be cured by moving a few heavy items to port. With tanks empty and most gear removed she sits about an inch higher. So, waterline placement can be variable depending on how much gear and water one plans to carry. The two 4D batteries in the lazarette (gasp!) bring her down about an inch but the waterline still has about an inch to spare.