"WestenmaN" Irens Cutters

Dear Group,
   Issue #20, the March/April 2000 iteration of "Watercraft" (the most the beautifully presented and least ad-plagued mag on the Market IMHO) has an excellent article on the Covey Island Boatworks. They build the "WesternmaN" Pilot Cutters (the capital "N' is not a typo), designed on traditional lines by Migel Irens. These cutters are 41 and 51 ft LOD, displacing 20 and 30 tons respectively. Due to a merginally higher freeboard than the Hess BCC they offer exceptional space and comfort. I believe the Boatworks have launched a 51 and are building their 3rd 41. There are plenty of excellent quality shots in the article, covering the boats and works.
Relevant URLs are:- 
        back issues ... http://www.watercraft.co.uk/backs.htm
Nigel Irens 40 & 50ft WesternmaN ...  http://www.nigelirens.demon.co.uk/nid_sail2.htm  
Jeff Gilbert,
ACT, Australia